Celebrate Women Lineage Holders of Bon!

This International Women’s Day, open your heart and reflect on the Women Lineage Holders of Bonpo Dzogchen from the Yeti Thasel Modgud cycle. These women came from all over Central and Inner Asia, received Dzogchen teachings and became renown for Spiritual accomplishment. Their instructions are traditionally said to be recorded by the 8th Century Bonpo Master Lachen Drenpa Namkha. The last yogini in this lineage Choza Bonmo, played a pivotal role in saving the teachings of Yungdrung Bon from the 8th Century persecution waged during the reign of the Tibetan emperor Trisong Deutsen. (Excerpt from talk given by Dmitry Ermakov October 26, 2012). Learn more about these amazing Bon practitioners in Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche’s book Heart Essence of the Khandro available from http://www.boandbon.com/Heart%20Essence%20of%20the%20Khandro%20leaflet.pdf



March 5th marks the anniversary of the birth of Nyame Sherab Gyaltsen. He is revered as the founder and First Abbott of Menri Monastery and accredited for reviving the monastic tradition for the Bon. Nyame Sherab Gyaltsen was the first master to collect and hold all of the transmissions and empowerments for all of the Bon lineages. Today we remember him and honour him with our prayers.

Today is also Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche and Yeru Bon Center’s Global Prayer and Meditation Event from 7-9pm in your time zone. Rinpoche has asked that we recite NYAMMED SOL DEB prayer for Nyame Sherab Gyaltsen or the mantra OM MA TRI MU YE SAL LE DU.



I hope you will join Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche and the Yeru Bon Center in their first annual Global Prayer and Meditation Event! Practice between 7-9pm in your time zone, by yourself or in a group. Dedicate your prayers to World Peace and Harmony. Use the link to find out more and to register your name or your group with His Holiness 33rd Menri Trizin.